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Why Not Explore The Path Of Exile: Three Stats That You Need To Know

Path of Exile is a dungeon-crawling roleplaying game that will look and feel very familiar to anybody who has ever played Diablo. One of the biggest defining characteristics of Path of Exile is its skill tree. It is enormous, it is intimidating, and it is definitely possible to mess up your character. If you’re interested in playing Path of Exile, why not explore the game? Why not buy path of exile items as soon as possible? Now, let's talk about the game so that it can help you on your journey. 



There Are Three Stats That Define Each Class: Intelligence, Dexterity And Strength 


Intelligence signifies one's apptitude in using magic, causing elemental damage, and total Mana pool. Every 10 points in Intelligence grants +5 Mana and +2% Energy Shield. 


Dexterity governs an exile's agility and weapon use. Skills in this tree usually make your character faster, more adept with small, quick weapons, or improve dodging. Every 10 points in Dexterity grants +20 to Accuracy and +2% to Evasion. 


Strength's defining characteristics are in your character's melee damage and health. It also determines if you can use some heavier weapons and armor. Every 10 points in strength translates to +5 Life and +2% Physical Melee Damage. 


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