What's your favorite paths in WildStar

wildstar-platinum Date: May/03/14 11:54:32 Views: 315

There are four Paths in WildStar, which are Explorer, Soldier, Scientist, Settler. After you chose the race and class, you can pick a path start your adventure in WildStar. Different path has different career, here we are glad to introduce these paths for you.First, we would like to introduce the scientist



The path about Scientist is special, after you chose it you can get a little robot as you can see in this picture. You can summon robot through clicking keyboard “G”, as well as you can use this key to complete quest. The robot has life blood and would be killed by monster. You just take this robot to collect materials and repair some projects.

This Skills of Scientist
Holographic Distraction (25s CD): Dazzles the target with holographic imagery, reducing its awareness of enemies
Summon Group (60s CD): GIves all members of your group the option to teleport to your current location. They must be on the same continent as you. Cannot be used in combat. Cooldown is reduced if nobody uses the teleport.
Create Portal - capital city (2h CD): Opens a portal to the Capital City for the next 120.0s. You can back to the city through this portal.

The Soldier is the most easiest and violent in all paths, and it would take you less time. Usually, the Soldier just against attacks stand on. Or you can come to the designated area target enemies through keyboard “G”, and finish the quest of killing a certain number of enemies. This picture is illustrating a defensive stronghold.

The Skills of Soldier
Back into the fray: To heal 75% HP and only out-of-the-battle use, need Path level 4
Bail out: allows to take you and your team to the safety supply base, which need your team accept. Most can transfer 40 people at the same time.
Combat Supply Drop: To summon a box with weapon for you and allies next to you. This weapon allows to use skills like stuns etc.