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Lost Ark: How to start and complete Alara of Legria quest?

This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you need to complete the Alara of Legria quest in Lost Ark. Alara of Legria is a note quest that you may encounter while traveling through the border of Rethramis on the Continent of Rethramis. 





How to start the quest "Alara of Legria" in Lost Ark?

The player must find the Crumpled Note while fighting Grave Guardian Ghosts to start the quest. This is not a guaranteed drop from the ghost, so you may have to fight the spirit a few times. After getting the Crumpled Note, go into your inventory and use it to start the quest. You can find crumpled note ghosts in the graveyard on the border of Rethramis. I marked this place on the map below. 



Guide to the quest Alara Legriyskaya


Read the note 

When the Lost Ark quest starts, your first objective is to read the note. You can open it and read it by pressing F5 or clicking on the note icon next to the list of active quests.


Talk to Monk Xanthos

Now go to the entrance to the cemetery and talk to the monk Xanthus. I marked the place on the map. He will ask you to help find the woman's coffin mentioned in the note as she wanders around the cemetery.


Read the inscription on the headstone

Now go to the ideal upper corner of the cemetery, as marked on the map. Follow the quest marker until you find two coffins on a stone platform. Interact with the coffin to read the erased inscription on the coffin.


Destroy the Wights (0/5)

After interacting with the coffin, a battle with five cemetery keepers will begin. Here you need to kill five. You can kill them anywhere in the graveyard, regardless of the marker's location.


Give peace to the ghost of Alara of Legria

In the final part, go to another grave in the northwestern part of the cemetery to find Alara of Legria. While in the marked area, you'll discover her as a Vengeful Spirit.

Soon after you placeher to rest, all you may have to complete to complete the quest is the return to Monk Xanthus. 


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