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Why Do you Keep Playing WildStar?

There have been negative reviews on WildStar game and some players quit. But some players still keep playing the game. So this page will list several reasons collected from the community to show why players keep playing this game.

How To Level Up Fast in WildStar

Leveling can be a pretty daunting job in any MMO game, and unfortunately WildStar suffers from a similar fate. This page will gonna give you several tips to level up fast.

WildStar 1.6.2 Update with New Features

WildStar 1.6.2 update has already come out. You'll be able to form groups from other faction with cross fictional features.

wildstar-platinum:Earn WildStar Money by WildStar Guides

Group with your guildies. This will allow you to gain Influence which you can spend in a variety of ways. Plus grouping will allow you to quickly level up, gain more items, and gain the best items available in dungeons and raids. Some of the best decor items can be found in dungeons.

wildstar-platinum:WildStar new PVP game mode :Sabotage

Wildstar's next major content update — Sabotage — will introduce a plethora of player-versus-player options to the game, including a 15-on-15 battleground arena. In Sabotage, you'll navigate on your mounts

How to fast our speed in WildStar Gold making?

WildStar Gold Fast Making guide is always a hot topic in WildStar, and we are here today to discuss how to make ourselves informed and decisive to choose the way that will benefit our gold farming in the game.
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