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The Top Comprehensive TERA PS4 & Xbox One Tips

Whether you're totally new to TERA or are just dipping your feet into the console launch hype, you're going to need a little help. This is an extremely dense version of what I wanted to post! I'll be constantly adding upon this, you can expect a much more compact and easier to read version soon. This is more of a tips/ how to Tera guide.



#1 DPS:

Use avatar/relic weapons. (shiny drops on the ground that you forge in the inventory once complete)


Enchant them to +9 whenever you can -put back crit crystals in them. (Savage, bitter and focused) the 4th slot can be pounding or carving, etc.


Upgrade your skills and glyphs (!!!) whenever you can.


Always attack from behind whenever possible. Always. Use as little (Auto attacks) as possible. Only for Mana Regen.


#2 Tank:

Same as dps. Work on your weapon, it's crystals and enchants.


Use wrathful and focused. Threatening until 65 (don't need it there). Pounding /carving etc as 4th.


Always in the front of the monster. Make sure to not move from your spot to make sure that monster moves as little as possible. Make sure your party CAN ATTACK FROM BEHIND!


When you lose aggro - > TAUNT/SHOUT. don't use it in your rotation randomly.


Block only when necessary. Work on spending as little time blocking as possible. You won't hold aggro if you never attack or only get hit.


Brawler: when you pull monsters, don't run off and act like you are solo tryna' do dem dps all solo. Bunch up mobs, bring them to your party. Knock them up. Make everyone happy.


#3 Healers:

If you are a Mystic and you have a tank in your group - DON'T FRIGGEN USE YOUR TANK PET! Again, read your skills before you use them.


Keep the tank alive, always.


Position yourself to the side of the Boss, so you can heal both backline and front line.


Don't focus on dps with random people in your group. They need all the help they can get.


Upgrading your weapon is still important, crystals not as much.


Skills and glyphs!


When players have a purple health bar, that means they have a debuff. A dot, a slow, fear, silence, etc. CURE IT. ASAP. especially if your tank is affected.


If you get random aggro in a boss fight (purple circle below your character) position yourself accordingly.


Generally close to the tank is best. This may change depending on the Boss, but for leveling, always with the tank is best!


Done. A quick simple straightforward guide on how to not suck.


I don't ask anyone to know their rotations. I don't expect anyone to never get hit or block everything.


I don't expect the tank to use his party buffs or enrage on cool down. Or ever. I don't expect healers to reapply Debuffs and buffs either.


I don't mind if people ignore voice chat or text chat. (even tho it's dumb in a mmo to do so...)


I don't mind if they die 3 times in a fight they never tried before.


I do mind ignorance. Remember you play with other people. You are not alone and group content means group effort. That means you gotta do your part. No matter if pvp or pve. So read the tutorials. Read your skills. Read weapon stats and crystal descriptions. Understand how the developers designed your class and what your purpose is. U4GM as an expert tera online gold web page offers secure, speedy and low-priced TERA gold for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we've got served a vast number of clients. If you are hesitating exactly where to buy cheap tera gold, U4GM will likely be a good selection.