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POE Had A Very Good Year And Interest In The Game Doubled

The developers of Path of Exile plan to add further enhancements by the time the Xbox One X comes along. Path of Exile has been doing well since its launch in 2013, and Bestiary marks the seventh major expansion for free games. The update will be on a bunch of changes to the Path of Exile experience, with new missions, more weapons and equipment parts and an overhaul of the class system. For more news and any further discussions, you can visit website



Path of Exile is headed to Xbox One later this year, but anyone interested in checking out the game a little early can sign up for its closed beta now. The game will be free to play on Xbox One, just as it is on PC. At the outset, the Xbox One version will also include all of the expansions that have been released for the game so far. Path of Exile will also see enhancements on Xbox One X, taking advantage of its extra horsepower to bump up to 4K resolution.


Path of Exile had a very good year in 2017 and interest in the game doubled. In 2016, the Path of Exile was played under 200 million hours, while in 2017 it rose to over 400 million. With this new update, The Bestiary League, players will be able to capture them when a new creature is added to the game. The new league comes with new features, skill gems, more unique equipment and more. The features that attract attention are as follows. 


3 new gem

Expand Bestiary

Catch the dangerous creatures

19 Ascendancy class re-edited

Hunt 4 Spirit Beasts to win special items

Several new features have been added to Path of Exile

Change your possessions by sacrificing the creatures you captured


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