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The Bestiary League Is Not The Only Innovation Of The Patch 3.2.0

The PC version of Path of Exile received an update of 3.2.0b. As the developers reveal, it will be possible to trade the beasts. Now, employees of the company Grinding Gear Games reported that the Bestiary league had reached the owners of Xbox One, so we can only congratulate the owners of this console with such an important event. Remember that Path of Exile is available for free for PC and exclusively on consoles for Xbox One. More details can be found on the official website, reference from here



The Bestiary league is not the only innovation of the patch 3.2.0. The game will add three new skill stones, dozens of items from prophecy, rework classes of the Ascension and much more. This league will add a bestiary to the game, where the enemies you find will be recorded, which will turn Path of Exile into a real Monster Hunter: World. Well, or in the next game about catching Pokemon.


It is in fact the Bestiary League, which will allow you to hunt and capture the fierce creatures of the game and then defeat them to craft powerful objects. Producer Chris Wilson said the Bestiary League and Update 3.2.0 was released on March 2nd. While new content applies to both PC and Xbox One users, many new activities are added to the game. The most striking of these is that players have the chance to catch and catch almost 300 creatures during Wraeclast, then they can turn them into powerful goods.


The Bestiary League is accompanied by update 3.2.0, which will introduce a new NPC (the Einhar Frey hunter), an unpublished quest to Act 10, new endgame bosses, dozens of new unique items, three new gems and a renewal of all the 19 Ascendancy Class. This update gave access to a new branch of crafting, the Beastcrafting, with lots of unpublished recipes that will require to capture and defeat the most dangerous beasts of Wraeclast. Gamers are glad to know where will be able to buy path of exile items