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By Using Some Ways To Guide You How To Breed Mounts In Albion Online

In fact, Albion Online, as the first true cross-platform sandbox MMO with a medieval setting as well as sandbox style gameplay, it runs on different divices such as IOS, Windows and Android, in the meantime, at the same time and in the same world. With regard to albion online Player Driven Economy & its features, included all buildings as well as items are crafted by the players in the game. Would you like to buy cheap albion online silver?  



You can claim territories or conquer territories from other players, burn down their self-constructed villages. There's also a PvP & Full Loot system in Albion Online, dying means serious consequences and if you die everything can be taken from you. 


But there is no place for Albion Online to sell mounts from NPCs, the fastest way is to buy from other players who has raised mature ones. But the price is too high for me. As in my previous review my package doesn’t include the right to buy a place for raising mounts, I believe in later tests it will be opened and I decide to learn to be a good stableman first.


Thanks to Jevrath on YouTuBe, his video of breeding mounts helps me a lot. Players in game have told me that it takes at least 36 hours to get a mature mount, during which I should feed them when their bowls are empty. After growing up I need to ride them one by one to the stable to upgrade them. 


Additionally, after mature, and the mounts are going on aging, in order to care for as well as don't let them die on the way, some other approaches were also included to keep their service longer. Even if I still wonder that why carrot is the feed as well as why there is no more choice, to that end, I have to take into account buying one depend on the time needed for growing. By the way, It's seems to that no one can avoid of buying cheap albion gold