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Everybody Matters: What Role To Play In Albion

For the most anticipated Sandbox MMORPGs, On August 1, 2016, it was launched by Albion Online's new servers (produced and edited by the German studio SandBox Interactive). For those who already registered access to important changes as well new features, especially for 160,000 founders, it's said to that in anticipation of the official launch of current game of the year 2016. 



In Albion Online, remember, History with a big "H" is written by the players themselves and their actions influence the development of the game universe. Everyone can choose his orientation or what role to play: become a Adventurer, an inveterate picker, an impudent outlaw or a master craftsman, no matter, each will find his place in this vast world that is Albion. Albion Online players have been focusing on buy cheapest albion online silver for a long time. 


To learn more, we invite you to discover the latest video of the game that takes stock of how the actions of players and their guild can shape a world and how each role is decisive for the future of all, found out more here: