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Unlimited Beta Debate of Albion Online Continues

At the in early December, on the Albion Online official forums, a user opened up a thread questioning the state of the game. Undoubtedly, it's seems to that endless development cycle for Albion has raised the issue as to whether it is starting to effectively kill Albion. As noted by related official news, Albion will be launched in March 2017, hence, players have been busying with buy cheap albion online gold



Recent responses have now surfaced, as fans continue to vent their frustrations with Albion Online. User Fauxpas commented: “Personally I just logged in without checking the forums and saw the “Final Beta sign” and got hyped, started playing again. Now I come on the forums and find out its March 2017 for this Beta? Quitting again and I think im going to pursue a refund. At this point I feel like its borderline criminal to have a paid beta for 2 years” 


Whilst user Yidhra replied: “It’s just not the same game I bought and fell in love with over a year ago.” Its clear to see that the general consensus is that the Albion Online beta period has run on for far too long, with fans growing increasingly impatient and getting more distant to the game they once loved. We can only hope that Albion Online can somewhat speed up the process.


Posted by user Glowyrm, the original post reads: “Hey folks, I was once very hyped about this game. However, the seemingly endless development cycle has killed it for me. Judging from the lack of activity on this forum, at a handful of posts a day, I’m not the only one. Do you guys feel the same way? Is the game dead to you, or will your hope be renewed when it finally launches? Is there anyone left to read this?” Find out more latest Albion Online news and guides, you can keep it right here on: UPAlbion.