Explore the creepiest and strangest creatures ever seen

wildstar-platinum Date: Jun/23/14 13:56:12 Views: 329

Today, we explore what could very well be the creepiest and strangest creatures ever seen: The Globellum.


WS Cankertube Swamp

Here is a long-distance shot on the edge of the Cankertube Swamp. You can see two pink hued globes designating the presence of the Globellum.

The Globellum is a gigantic entity which can be seen in the Cankertube Swamp in Blighthaven. The Globellum seems to be a colonial organism that will increase in strength and intelligence as it increases in size.

Its internal organs are visible and the creature's skin acts as little more than surface tension and can be passed right through into its gelatin-like internal fluids. 


globular creature wildstar
Our brave team stands next to this globular creature.


We were shocked to discover that this internal fluid allowed us to swim through it. However, a dip inside the Globellum's internal fluid is no visit to the beach! We are hearing reports that the creature has begun enslaving our comrades with its mind and trapping them within force bubbles - a trap the local scientists have yet to unlock.


WS swim
Our daring researcher decided to take a leisurely swim within its internal fluids.


Although the Strain has infected most of the area, the Globellum seem to be unrelated to its outbreak at this time.

We have no further information on the Globellum at this time since our photographer was only able to send this last photograph before we lost contact. This photo (below) and final message was sent with the words "Globellum Excretor". Our staff isn't quite sure what this means, but we all agree that we're sure our photographer is fine.


Wildstar Globellum Excretor
"Globellum Excretor". This was the final message we received from our team.


Stay tuned for our next journey into The Nexus Wild - with a possibly new research team.