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wildstar-platinum:Earn WildStar Money by WildStar Guides

MMO's are popular since you can play with other people. Guilds can be a way to earn money for yourself and friends.


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1)Group with your guildies. This will allow you to gain Influence which you can spend in a variety of ways. Plus grouping will allow you to quickly level up, gain more items, and gain the best items available in dungeons and raids. Some of the best decor items can be found in dungeons.

2)Level up your guild. The higher your guild levels up, the more perks you will get. This will allow you to get better rewards by just playing and being in a guild. It's a win-win.

3)Open up the guild bank. Allowing trusted players in your guild to deposit and withdraw items can earn you a profit, or at the very least save you some money. Someone could deposit some materials you need, an expensive decor item, or some gear. You can turn around and make some new items or use the items yourself.

4)Impose a guild tax rate. In Wildstar, guilds either don't impose a tax rate, or they can have a 5% tax rate. As players in the guild earn money, 5% of it can be deposited in the guild bank. This means free money for you. Obviously you could be taking money from your fellow guildies, so this isn't encouraged.

5)Have a guild just for yourself. This will allow you to expand your banking space, impose a tax on yourself so that any money you earned is tucked away in the guild bank, etc. This is a good move if you like soloing and don't want to be social. Afterall, there are other ways to be social that don't require being in a guild.

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