Housing Building and Edition Guides in Wildstar

wildstar-platinum Date: Jun/25/14 09:29:16 Views: 343

Everyone wants to have a quiet, peaceful house somewhere out of the civilization. In WildStar you can build one when you get to the 14th level.


Building and Edition


First of all, set up your house. In the right bottom corner you should see options you can choose:

Landspace - building all structures on your land. With that panel you can build your first house. Most of houses which you can make depends on your level, so your choice at the beginning will be rather poor. There is no possibility for building walls and setting up rooms on your own.

Besides house, you can make a garden, place for a party or some mines, which will respawn mineral deposits. Very useful for crafting. Of course, those things break from time to time, and you have to set up a new one.

What is more, you can set up challenge place - when you complete it, you get a reward. Challenges regenerate from time to time.

You can also upgrade them. To upgrade a structure, you have to have a proper FabKit. FabKits can be found during exploration of the world or from missions or crafting.

House - you determine how it looks from outside. Appearance of roof, walls, door and sky. You can, for example, make fireworks explodes constantly.

Crate - it's your inventory with items you can place on your property. If you have decoration in your regular inventory, you have to click on it with right mouse button to transfer it to the crate. Then just click on "Place" to set up an item on the ground.

Vendor - shop with various items you can set up next to your house. They are rather expensive.

List - list of all your items set up on your property.

You have a house, so now decorate it. It's enough to enter the crate and choose what you want. Click "Place" and the item is on the ground. It is recommended to click on the item and to drag it where you want to place it and then enter the "Toggle Advanced Control" tab. You should see a window of edition where you can choose the size of the item, move it and turn as you like.