How can we get Currencies under the Bag in WildStar

wildstar-platinum Date: Apr/30/14 15:23:07 Views: 333

As we all know ,in the online game WildStar ,the Bag is very important for players, most of players are concerned about the bag’s capacity and we all hope the bag is big enough. On the other hand ,under the bag, player can get many wanted currecy. and the current currecy we have:


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Renown: comes from dungeon or task reward
Elder GEM: after lvl 50 you can get it
Prestige: get it from PVP
Crafting Vouchers: Complete crafting task can get it

These Currencies all can purchase especial items and materials. While, some currencies are hard to get it!Personally experience, i think the disadvantage is that items can’t be clarified automatic and the gems can’t lay out in bag.How do you think about that ?