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How to acquire Bags in WildStar easily

In the game, most of players are concerned about the bag’s capacity and we all hope the bag is big enough. So, how about the bag in Wildstar? How can we get these bags? Now, let’s introduce some information about bags:


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1.Materials Area
To click this icon it would display all materials. The drop materials you get from monsters, and d0 the decomposition materials all automatic sorted in this bag. These materials would’n occupy the capacity of your bag, and the other items can’t put in. The maximum in there is 250.

2.Disintegrate Area
To click this icon would release the program of disintegrating automatically. The system would displace the items which can be disintegrated. You can choose what you need to disintegrate or pass it. What’s more, you can drag an icon to disintegrate.

3.Delete Area
To drop the items to this icon, it would be destroyed.

4.Equipped Bags
The initial system distribution package size is 16, what’s a poor guy! To enlarge bags need to increase these extra bags. All in all, you can equip 4 extra bags. You can get it from 4 methods:1.Purchasing from Store 2.Drop from Monster 3.Path Reward 4.Challenge Task