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MU Legend Is Still Crazy Hacking Style

MU mansions awaited MU legend has officially launched gamers all over the world, including Vietnam.



Story of the new MU continent


The story in MU Legend can be seen as a continuation of MU Online as you will be playing a warrior of the holy war against the Kundun Lord. The beginning of the game helps you get familiar with the controls and play style of your character when max. After some intriguing cutscenes with gameplay, you know that Kundun has succeeded in resurrecting himself and that the war is almost over. However, one last hope is left when Sorceress Icarus uses the power to take your character back to the past before anything happens. In return you lost all your strength and memory, and step by step on the road to save the world.


Pictures are just familiar and strange... but beautiful!


The first impression on MU Legend comes from the beautiful 3D character creation, the easy-to-read interface, the large murky map area. The characters are beautifully designed, especially the beautiful female character and heroic male hero. Each character has a different element and you can customize it quite in the beginning of the game.


Of note is the system of equipment, wings and animals riding in the game when you can easily track their development through the change of appearance by evolving them to a higher level in the game. MU Legend also allows gamers to freely trade, buy fashionable suits or pair of colorful wings which are specialties in the MU world.


Role-playing role cut easy to grasp


As you can imagine MU Legend is very similar to Diablo III from the interface to the gameplay. The five main classes in the current version are Blader, Dark Lord, War Mage, Whisperer and Spellbinder. You should try all to have a look more comprehensive, but according to the original feel of, the way to build character MU Legend is quite basic and similar to many games on the same subject. Each character has its own weaknesses such as the War Mage, a mage often seen with powerful magic attacks, or Blader as a secondary tank with high damage ability, good combat damage.


According to the original story, your character has lost all memory, so from a heroic hero level of 100 weapons armed with all kinds of skills in the introduction, your character is downgraded to. A weak young man does not "cover" himself. At this point you have to start plowing, training the body from the beginning with the task system in the game. One trick for you is to just right click on the map and the character can automatically run to the designated point to receive the quest - extremely convenient. However, this more or less makes the player feel plowed webgame than the client line game brand MU Online classic.


In return, the fighting mechanism in MU Legend is still crazy hacking style where you have to use all the combo skills to kill the monsters, enemies in front. In addition, each class will split into two schools, advancing later, for example, but the War Mage is far away from normal spells. cool However, regardless of the way you go, you also need to study and practice your own combo skills, not just the spam button skill that is constantly offline! Because there are a number of moves in the game that require you to estimate the accuracy of your skill range and the appropriate waiting times.


In addition to the main skill system that can be learned by leveling, the player is also introduced to Soul or Soul Lever. They can be understood as additional indictors that players need to have in order to increase their character's ability to attack, defend or reinforce tactical effects such as slowing, stunning, causing mortal damage. term. Of course, they do not affect gameplay early in the middle of the game unless you get to the highest level, they bring in the most extreme effects that you can feel the most when fighting.


Many new features are included!


The most prominent improvement in MU Legend compared to the original MU Online is the 3D image quality has been greatly improved, the new race, the resonance of the game interface layout The turnkey logic design makes it easy to experience the best gaming experience on the PC. Also, you can create many combinations of combos for different purposes such as farm monsters or PvP. The more skills you use, the more powerful it becomes, and you can mimic the new pearls to increase their combat power and effects. This is a significant improvement of the MU Legend because MU Online has so far no skill training, but only the supplementary skill table to optimize the power only!


About the gameplay, MU Legend is designed in the style of MMORPGs with Nordic identity often see that you have to wander the land to communicate with the NPC and do countless missions from the main to the side. Each region will have its own monsters and bosses for you to try. Destroying them will reward you with gold, experience points or equipment and a wealth of materials to forge additional items for your character.


In addition to the system itself, the MU Legend can not lack the dungeon stretched to try your strength when engaged. They can be considered as an ideal training area or a place to look for equipment for you. Of course there are limits to the level of participation, or some dungeons that require you to arrive at time or have the team invite to enter. Overall, both the PvE and PVP gameplay categories are well designed in the MU Legend. Because if PvE activities are easy to get used to and they are fast paced, PvP team battles require you to coordinate your strengths with other players to fight the enemy harder than many times. And of course, to participate in PvP you need to plow your character a lot of times if you do not want to scratch the board early.


If you have loved MU Online then you do not miss MU Legend


With what has shown MU Legend deserves a role-playing game client for you to try on the PC with the requirements of the machine configuration is not too high. With the original MU Online fans should also set foot on the MU once to see the innovative evolution of the legendary role-playing game as it has changed in the past 2017. And although less Although many of you will still have the feeling of playing MU Online in MU Legend only! Please believe U4GM, because we just tried to do it, and it is real you! Additionally, you can try a reliable online store like U4GM where offers cheap MU Legend Zen for sale at any time.