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Longshot Could Be The Best Single-Player Campaign Mode In Madden 18

When it comes to this year's Madden 18, some thing sort of terrific occurred, too many highlights. It is possible to additional accurately read formations, gaps in coverage, operating lanes and it gives a much more intimate view of the game. For starters, this will be the first year Madden has run on the Frostbite Engine. All information mentioned in this article come from U4GM, to get more information through here



The new Target Passing mechanic is a feature, all players are really excited to try. Madden 18 could marry the effects of ratings, controls, and animations as well as any game in the series' history. The first handful of Madden 18's features have been revealed, the first trailer for the game reveals a new story mode, longshot, it could be the best single-player campaign mode in sports video games. 


EA Sports has always done a good job with these modes. The goal of Longshot, Madden 18's first story mode, is to get Devin Wade drafted. It also possible for Colt Cruise, Devin's best friend, to be drafted, if Devin makes choices that highlight Colt's talent during on-field scenarios. The choice to change or keep the play Colt suggests has no effect on the outcome. Devin's dialogue choices prior to the first skills drill do not affect his draft grade. 


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