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New WildStar Battleground named Sabotage for PVP

There will be a new WildStar Battleground named Sabotage for PVP. We can tell how hardcore it is simply from its name. it is a new content full of explosions. And the PVP mode there is 15 VS 15, different from the existing PVP modes, enjoy the video from DevSpeak first before our further discussion today.

Basic Information about Sabotage:
From the video, we can know that there are mainly three steps when we get teammates prepared for the battle. First, capture a bomb. Second, hold it and carry it to the area of your opponent. Third, bomb the bomb to defeat your enemy. Also, Sabotage allows us to be in the fight with our mounts and use air strikes, really handsome, isn’t it? One more sentence for Uplinks, it is the way we call in air strikes. The goal in Sabotage is to destroy the enemy fusion core. Notice that the bomb is timed explosion, and be careful not to bomb yourself and your teammates.

What fun can we enjoy in Sabotage?
So many new elements, a new 15 VS 15 battleground, capture satellites and unleash brutal air strikes, use time-bombs to enjoy tense and nervous. Also, we need to bomb nearly everything except ourselves, sounds really addictive. Besides, we can win attractive exclusive items from this content. See the attached picture below.


wildstar battleground Sabotage


Achievements and Rewards
You can get different achievements when you reach at the requirements. For example, you will win the achievements “Fishing With Dynamite” by kill an enemy with a bomb detonation. There are altogether 13 achievements you can get in Sabotage, and you can check them in the official forum if you are interested. Rewards are different for different races except Daggerstone Pass Boots. 10 New Exile and Dominion-themed Housing Items are provided for winners, each race have five options.

Come to us when you need further needs in WildStar, we will do whatever we can to help you. Best wishes.