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The Preview of WildStar Warplot PVP full gameplay

Warplots are a massive, 40v40 man PvP tactical base battle waged against two opposing forces - one Exile and one Dominion. They become available upon reaching max level (50), and anyone can make or join a Warparty. Warparties are separate from your guild, with a completely different roster and chat channel. Currently there are no other requirements for organizing a war party other than the level 50 restriction, so once you hit the cap, you're free to start crackin' some skulls - with 39 others of course.


wildstar warplot


There are two components to Warplots. The first is organizing your base, which is accessible outside of battle via a recall or stationary transporters located near the PvP vendors. The layout is maintained via a system very similar to Housing, including management options for placing large plots and individual items, such as turrets, throughout the base. We'll cover more on base management in the future.


The second component is the battle itself, which you queue for in the same way you queue for Battlegrounds.Thanks to the organizational efforts of Jen Gordy (Senior PvP Systems Designer for Carbine Studios) and a hefty amount of dedicated beta testers on both Exile and Dominion, we managed to get a good look at Warplots.