There are Six Wildstar Classes for you choose to PvP

wildstar-platinum Date: May/22/14 08:32:02 Views: 349

As it known to all, the WildStar Head Start will be open on May 31 formally. As long as you preorder the WildStar account, you have chance to enter this game this month. Sounds great? If you have experienced the Open Beta of WildStar, you absolutely would attracted by the interesting game plot and combat system. Now, have you decided to chose which class would be your first choice once WildStar released? Here, we would introduce these six classes now shortly. Which Wildstar classes would be your first choice?

Esper: The Esper is a light armoured caster that relies on Psi Points with the need to build them before unleashing them.They're magic users can summon illusions to do their bidding.Usually,Esper summons weapons and animals to help her in battle, but she does come equipped with a Psy-Blade. As you know, Esper armed with light armor, to make up their low survivability.


Engineer: The Engineer in WildStar is a heavy range tank class that uses do-it-yourself gadgets and bots to fight. It’s a pet class can pack with heavy armor, launchers, bots, an exo-suit. Bots have been added to the Engineer as they receive really good feedback from gamers. Their mitigation looks to be through the roof like warriors, and their innate is strong like warriors. The one thing you have to know is that they seem way slower, and less mobile then warriors and stalkers, but at the same time I have not seen any collapse or pull skills. These style of tanks tend to be top in game but they requires your group to work with you. Generally lower mobility and movement are rewarded with other things.


Warrior: The Warrior can be both DPS and Tank in WildStar, and master if brute force and wielder of giant swords. For a melee class, it has the excellent mobile and solid of crowd control abilities which makes them have advantage in PvP area.


Spellslinger: One thing that makes Wildstar Online different from other MMORPGS is every class is either a DPS/Tank or DPS/healer mix. Most of players who want to be healer would chose this class. The spellslinger's innate is really cool and will take a lot of practice to use efficiently. It boosts the power of every single move the spellslinger uses while it is active (or sometimes it'll reduce the cast-time of healing spells, depending on the spell). There is a player said”Wilstar needs more healers and healing is both challenging and fun with telegraphs. I think that if you take the time to perfect the use of spell surge, spellslinger will be an efficient and viable healer in either PvP or PvE.”


Medic: The Medic is a class that needs to move around in order to be effective—for healers or ranged DPS classes that are used to sitting back and spamming a casting rotation, this play-style may be a difficult, but fruitful, adjustment.


Stalker: Uses high deflect and higher then normal mitigation to tank. It has a cool skill called collapse that pulls mobs to them. Stalkers, as their name implies, rely on stealth and sneaking around the battlefield looking for the best opportunity to strike.