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Walatiki Temple Tips and Tricks in Wildstar

Walatiki Temple is a 10 v 10 battleground available at level 6. It's easy to learn and fun to play. Even if you don't normally play BG's, try it out -- the rewards can be sweet! I've acquired some nice gear pieces when leveling up, and once received two housing FABkits in one PVP reward bag. Even the losing team earns XP, Prestige (the PVP currency) and a loot bag. But of course, the winning team's spoils are ever that much sweeter. 


Walatiki Map


To win, all your team needs to do is gather five moodie masks. It's that simple! Ah, but accumulating those masks with a non-premade, random group of players can indeed be challenging. This article's aim is to help make your non-premade, random Walatiki Temple matches come out on the winning side more often than not.

Each faction starts the match with a mask, and masks can be stolen from the opposing faction. In addition, a random mask will spawn every few minutes in one of four random locations: 1) upper middle, 2) lower middle, 3) lower right, or 4) lower left. There are power and speed buffs sprinkled throughout the map, but unless you're already near one, I've found that it's a waste of time to travel off the beaten path to grab a buff.

1. Communication before the match starts is advantageous.
2. Try to steal right off the bat.
3. Defend Defend Defend!
4. Look at your map, that's why the PVP devs gave it to you.
5. Don't be a singleton.
6. Fight near masks, not in a random unimportant location.
7. Do not run through the tunnel with a mask if you can help it.
8. Jump on a spawned mask as fast as possible.
9. Fire at the mask to prevent it from being picked up.
10. Turtling when ahead can lead to defeat.
11. Get some PVP gear!

OVERALL STRATEGY. One debate players sometimes have is whether to open the match by zerging the spawned mask (with perhaps a couple players trying to steal), and forgetting about defense until later. That sometimes works, but usually doesn't. A better strategy from my experience is to start with and maintain two defenders, two or three to try for a quick steal, go up 2 - 0 and then have the stealers join the main group or defend as necessary until another opportunity to steal develops.

There is one other key tip that applies to all BG's: Focus Down the Healers! Matches are often won or lost when savvy DPS take down the opposing side's healers.

I'm interested to hear the strategies that have worked and not worked for your non-premade Walatiki matches. The comments section awaits your input!