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What we know so far about Warplots in WildStar

The following is a list of known facts about Warplots! If you know something that isn't listed below pls kind share with us:)


The Fundamentals:
40 v 40
Requires warparty membership, however there is system in place to pug a few players if necessary.
Not guild housing
Runs off plug & socket housing mechanic
Expensive to maintain
Extensive path integration
A single Warplot is massive in scale, the equivalent to 10 housing plots (THIS IS BIG!)
Warparties will be ranked. It is not yet known the matchmaking system beyond basic tier restriction.

Plugs will have an associated point costs. To socket a raid boss will cost more points than say a wall. As a warparty progresses in rank they will gain access to more points & have greater cap room per plot. It is not yet confirmed or denied whether certain plugs will be restricted to specific areas of a warplot, similar to housing.There are must be more awesome elements sharing what u know with us!