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WildStar Guide: Introductions about the Six WildStar Classes for Newbies

WildStar will be launched this June, and many online game players are looking forward to its coming. If you want to be a hero in a totally different environment in your own path, then WildStar would be a perfect choice.


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With the continuous testing and modifying by NCSOFT, we have the reasons to believe that this would be a great exploration for us when it officially available to us. We are here today to introduce the six classes for WildStar new players. We gather most of the information from wildstar wiki, may it help you in later times. Enjoy the video from youtube first.

“Warriors are unstoppable juggernauts on the battlefield, using a combination of heavy weaponry, powerful armor and advanced technology to take care of business,” – from Wiki You can be a Warrior as a Human, a Cassian, a Granok, a Draken, a Mechari and a Mordesh.WildStar Guide: Introductions about the Six WildStar Classes for Newbies

“Stalkers are feared throughout the galaxy as silent and deadly assassins who always eliminate their targets.” – From Wiki.
WildStar Guide: Introductions about the Six WildStar Classes for Newbies

“Spellslingers are deadly and dangerous pistoleers, often found beyond the Fringe working as bounty hunters, bodyguards, and guns-for-hire.” – From Wiki.

“The Medic is a healing class. Designed for mid-close range, the primary method of attack is the Resonator, which shocks enemies.” – From Wiki.

“The Engineer is a class capable of filling the DPS or Tank role. Their primary attack is a rocket launcher, which builds Volatility to use other abilities.” – From Wiki.

“Espers are masters of the mind who tap into powerful psychic energies to lash out and incapacitate enemies or strengthen and protect their friends.” – From Wiki.

Wish these information enable you have a basic information about the WildStar classes, we will discuss more detailed guide about it in later time. come to us when you need WildStar Platinum in your game. Best wishes.