Wildstar Guides: The State of the Architect

wildstar-platinum Date: Jul/11/14 14:39:31 Views: 298

I was recently asked what I thought the State of the Architect was in WildStar. So in response, I felt it necessary to review each aspect and try and express my feelings about each area. This was not a simple as I thought it would be because the more I dug in the more I came to realize that I didn't necessarily understand the systems associated as well as I thought I did. And with that, I realized that meant there is probably large number of others that also run into this issue as well. So as you continue to read this, just remember this: I love the concept of the Architect and Coordinated crafting. It is a very bold move on Carbine’s part but I also feel it may have not gone far enough.


Wildstar Architect


The life of an Architect is to make items for your home and eventually for Warplot construction. Housing is a huge part of WildStar and for many, an obsession to make crazy things which means Architect’s should be in high demand, especially when many of the items for your home provide you a rest XP bonus. However with the way it was implemented, many of the items that can be crafted lack important information. The lack of tool tips to let you know what type of buff the item provides if it gives one, the inability to preview that the item looks like unless it already in your crate and listing items on the AH rather than the commodities exchange all make being an Architect a frustrating affair. Don’t get me wrong - there is money to be made. It's fun to see so many items available and displayed but there just is more that could have been added. I would love to be able to create fun things that could be used outside of housing like disposable target dummies, mechanical pets, fireworks, really anything that would add to the RP community fun.