WildStar's PvE side of the Elder Game equation

wildstar-platinum Date: May/23/14 14:18:09 Views: 292

PvE and PvP, like two sides of a coin. Ha, yeah right. Everyone knows PvE is where it's at. Carbine Studios agrees, which is why they slapped me in the face with WildStar's PvE awesomeness last week during a press event showcasing many the game's previously unrevealed core features. Here be the place where we talk about the big, Elder Game focused PvE systems, by which I mean: Raids, Dungeons, and Adventures. 

For those unfamiliar with the terms, that's Raids as in forty like-minded players struggling against the biggest bosses and the most complex scenarios to have graced an MMO since that one time in Molten Core when Ragnaros bugged out and killed everyone in one swing of his hammer. Dungeons, which are party-based, story-driven experiences when leveling, which at 50 gain a veteran mode that turns them into precise, challenging encounters where every role must perform exceptionally. Then there's Adventures, something new that WildStar is doing, which are unique missions that have complex and dynamic structures for parties to explore and discover.


Hopefully this preview, some of which is hands-on and some of which is hands-off, will provide a broader look at WildStar's PvE Elder Game.