A deep look at WildStar Tradeskills

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Thinking about WildStar Tradeskills (Crafting professions) as collecting materials and clicking a button, will lead you to the wrong way. WildStars announced tradeskills as a mini-game, which offers gear creation and customization by mixing and matching different ingredients. Most items in the game are potentially modifiable, and often the best items you can get will require components from various other sources in order to unlock their maximum potential. Apart from a large variety of tradeskills, WildStar also offers hobbies that everyone can take, no matter what tradeskills you have already chosen.


wildstar tradeskill


Wildstar unveiled Tradeskills list:
1.Architect (housing items)
2.Armorer (gear crafter profession)
3.Mining (gathering profession)
4.Survivalist (gathering profession)
5.Tailors (gear crafter profession)
7.Weaponsmithing (gear crafter profession)

Tradeskill Respecing:
Players who visit the Tradeskill Trainer and select a new Tradeskill will be given the option to swap a current Tradeskill out for a new one. This will cost various amounts of money, depending on the Tradeskill you are switching from as well as the tier reached.

Tradeskills Tips and Tricks:
1.You can use Supply Satchel for storing tradeskill ingredients. Something similar to what we have seen in Guild Wars 2, where you don’t need to keep your crafting materials in your inventory bags.
2.Gathering harvesting nodes will give you experience
3.Harvesting nodes are visible on the map.
4.Crafters can make PvE and PvP gears, but if you are a skilled crafter you can get some way to make PvE gear a little better focused for PvP and vice versa.
5.Salvaging starts at level 6, and allows you to salvage armor and weapons for crafting ingredients. There is a chance for Salvage Critical that can drop rare crafting materials.