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How to make food in WildStar

In WildStar there are various of food,they are mostly used to get back the H quickly after battle and increase the variety of buff,which makes you more relaxed.But how can we get all the food?
1.purchase from the store
2.drop from the monster

Today we will focus on the food production process so we called DIY
To make food, you must make the skills learning food, when you have learned food preparation skills, we can start to make food


wildstar tips

We will make Tough Jerky variant of food Spicy Jerky for example.
red 1 original food: you don't need to add any additives can be completed.
red 2 the materials they need to make the food: when hovers up you can see the material drop location.
red 3 said the current food varieties, also is the evolution of food, Sweet Jerky said haven't unlock, you need to specify the recipe to unlock.

Below we point Load Schematic for making food.


On the making interface, we can see there are four suantiankula all food flavor.You can pass on the right side of the material package to add some additives, up to 3 times, can only be added in the process of 3 times to add, you need a light you want to make food will only take effect, such as in the figure, Spicy and Savory materials used 1 Pinch of black Pepper on the location, the second use black Pepper is lit the Spicy Jerky, luck is too good, ha ha, also appeared on the right side of the Success of hint, now we can Craft to make the Spicy Jerky.Figure in the fan area means that the current formula isn't unlocked so it is unable to make, now just know so much,Have fun !