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A Little Try In The Elder Scrolls Online Horns Of The Reach

For most ESO fans, the Dungeons and Trials are the highlight of the game. Certainly at Veteran mode, they offer the most challenging PvE content in the game and with exclusive items for each dungeon, rewards are also not wrong. This is definitely ZeniMax Online developer because, in addition to earlier extensions, they also released a Dungeon Pack. With the release of Horns of the Reach, there is now a second Dungeon Pack, which I have already tried to try.



First of all, an explanation of the content of the DLC itself. Buying Horns of the Reach gives you access to two new dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. Both dungeons can be found in the Craglorn area and are accessible to players who purchased the DLC in all regular ways. In addition to the tricks that can be found in the dungeons, there are also some unique achievements, a dye, an emote and a free skin, and as a cherry on the cake you can buy a new home if you know both dungeons on Veteran mode. In addition to the DLC, the additional update adds a number of minor improvements, but later on.


Falkreath Hold begins on the road to the town of Falkreath itself, where you meet a wounded man who tells you that the city is currently being attacked by Reachmen and Minotaurs. What is immediately noticeable is that your opponents in Horns of the Reach are a lot more ingenious than in most dungeons. The Reachmen await you in obstructions that can only be seen if you keep your eyes open. The bosses themselves make sure that you are well aware of your attention, as they have many AoE attacks that you must avoid (to be a Veteran) to stay alive.


These bosses come in all sorts and sizes. So I could take my team in Falkreath Hold against a Minotaur captain, a huge mammoth, an (ESO-player well-known) Bone Colossus and eventually the Minotaur chief himself, Domihaus the Bloody-Horned. Unlike most final bosses, the arena in which you fight against Domihaus is quite small and claustrophobic. That's good too, because you will have to make a lot of use of your environment to escape his dangerous attacks. Nevertheless, most bosses in Falkreath Hold know one or more combat mechanics, so you can learn how to best handle an end boss.


Because Falkreath Hold is playing in a well-known area, developers have hidden a number of small easter eggs here and there. Elder Scrolls Online, though, plays a lot earlier than Skyrim, but a lot of Falkreath buildings are still recognizable for those who visited the city in the single player RPG. Also just outside Falkreath you can spot a ruin that you could visit in Skyrim and you can see from the center of the city the house you can buy if you know both dungeons on Veteran.


In addition to the DLC, the Horns of the Reach update also includes some minor improvements to the game itself. Players who bought Morrowind can already look forward to a new folder and game mode for the PvP mode Battleground, and all players can adjust the color and brightness of combat cues (which indicate where AoE is going to land), something where color blindness players (like myself) have a lot of luck.


All in all, my first experience with Horns of the Reach was a positive one. Falkreath Hold is one of the most challenging and interesting dungeons I've encountered so far and after playing it, I was just wondering if Bloodroot Forge was just as well. In spite of the fact that the Morrowind expansion is not a requirement to play the DLC, for some players, the asking price of 1500 Crowns (about 13 euros) will be a lot. However, if you still regularly launch Elder Scrolls Online, Horns of the Reach is definitely worth the effort.


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