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Best DPS Build for WildStar Stalker sharing

In the Wildstar PVE, the Stalker single damage is the best. I have experienced three classes, one is Esper, the another is Spellslinger. On the speed of leveling up, Stalker would be the fastest! Now, i’m glad to share my Build share with you.

First, if Stalker want to maximize the DPS need the continuous Suit Power to support it. This build today i shared is about recovering Suit Power as the first point!

Skill Build:


wildstar dps stalker build


Shred: The only one AP skill which is no cooldown and never consume Suit Power. When lack of Suit Power, you completely should depend on this skill to create dame.
Impale:The main damage skill has great effect if behind or in stealth. After upgraded to T8, it will cost reduce to 30 suit power.
Analyze Weakness: cost 15 suit power, after upgraded to T4, when the mark is consumed, regenerate 10 suit power every 5 seconds.
Neutralize: The necessary AOE skill for group monsters. After upgraded to T4, it costs 15 Suit Power at first, then use it again within 8 seconds it would increase 5 Suit Power.
Punish: No consumption, can use it after landing a critical hit. When Suit Power under 50%, use it can regenerate 30 Suit Power.
Tactical Retreat:This is very important skill can save your life at critical moment.

AMP Choice as follow:


wildstar stalker amp


Assault: The AMP Point of increasing 30% Brutality and 12% AP are the necessary
Hybrid A/S: Stealth Mastery, after Stealth, the cooldown of all skills reduce 3 second. Unfair Advantage, under Stealth, the first attack cost reduced 8 Suit Power.
Utility: Assassin, after 3s, taking damage will no longer break you out of stealth.

R (Stealth) ->Analyze Weakness (Mark) -> Impale (second times attack) -> Punish (recovery Suit Power) -> Impale (attack once) -> R, AMP (cooldown skill) -> Neutralize (critical damage) -> Shred (critical hit) -> Punish (recovery Suit Power) -> Impale

1.When you use stealth, the enemies in the front of you can notice you, while if you at the behind of enemies, you can create critical hit!
2. Don’t use Impale after monster8, although there are 50% extra damage, there is less damage at early stage.