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Wildstar Spellslinger Solo PVP Build at Level 30 to 50

WildStar Spellslinger is a popular class as it has a various skill choices and a relatively easy start. We are here today to discuss a WildStar Spellslinger Build which is quite great in WildStar PVP and WildStar Solo. This build mainly suit for level 30 to level 50 SS. May it help you enjoy the game better. Enjoy the video first before our discussion today, and we gathered most of our information today from Youtube and Google.

First of all, it is quite obvious that the skills choices, AMPS, weapons choice and Wildstar Items are quite detailed in the video, so we won’t bother to introduce every details here. Notice the assault skill Wild Barrage the play used here. Spellslinger can reach for this skill at level 6, but it will be still be helpful in later game with its level up. It can deal physical damage and pierce 100% Armor which is really helpful in PVP mode. In the AMPS, the player invested a lot into Assault, and it tends to tell us that this build is focused on offensive mainly. Trigger Fingers is a very expensive but effective point in AMPS, it is helpful in both PVP and PVE.

And later in the video, we can see its wonderful performance, when he solo in PVE, his game time is very effective, and this is also the same case when he faced with the boss whose level is a little higher than he, really great. As for PVP, he shows us how great he can be in the map Walatiki Temple. His weapon is two guns, so the skill Wild Barrage is perfect in this weapon. The attack speed and damage are both helpful

From the comments below, this video is highly recommended, so, what is your ideas about this build, do you love it? Let us know your ideas and we would be happy if we can help you.