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It Is Important To Get A Quest Learn Wildstar Tradeskills

It is important to get a quest learn tradeskills before you can learn any tradeskills at level 10. If you didn't do it when you got it, you must go back to the area you get the quest at. Below are the locations for the quests, depending on faction and starting area.



Northern Wilds starting area - Algoroc - Gallow

Everstar Grove starting area- Celestion - Sylvan Glade




Levian Bay starting area - Ellevar - Lightreach Mission

Blood Isle starting area - Deradune - Bloodfire Village

After that, go to the crafting trainer to choose your tradeskills.


You can only choose two, but you can switch by going back to a crafting trainer.

You also keep your experience in each skill.

After switching, you have to wait three days to switch again as a novice.

As you increase your tradeskill's level to higher tiers, the amount of days between switching increases. It also costs quite a bit of Wildstar Platinum.