WildStar class Medic introduction

wildstar-platinum Date: May/19/14 13:56:31 Views: 389

In the WildStar Medic is a particular occupation, when the treatment team members can create a lot of damage in the early stages, he more than super-capable [Esper] and shoot those who curse] [Spellslinger harder to upgrade, but once you reach 15 energy and potential will rise rapidly. Their therapeutic effects and melee combat to make them challenging. Although they are easily set the fire in PvP, but rely on quick escape skills, ability to survive is also very strong.




* Attacks and treatment of a large area
* Strong team skills therapy
* Some useful fast-moving skills
* The armor and equipment, not super-capable and curse those who so crisp shot

* Because of the strong and injury treatment, often in PvP fire was set
* Completely rely on skill building actuators release
* Need to achieve maximum results in the most intense fighting
* No viable option for remote attacks