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Madden 18's Longshot Mode: Range From First Challenge To Sixth Challenge

Longshot is a new story mode that the most often mentioned in Madden NFL 18. You will be placed in the cleats of high school quarterback Devin Wade, then take him all the way to the pros in a story that will contain drama, but don't worry, you will overcome. Simply put, this mode has many challenges, let's take a look at these challenges for this mode. At the same time, please stare at U4GM to buy madden 18 coins and madden mobile coins. 



First Challenge

For the first challenge, your objective is to basically hold onto the ball, either long enough to score a touchdown, or long enough to run out the remainder of the clock. 


Second Challenge

Your second challenge is a 2 minute drill, starting from your own 20 yard line. Simply proceed as you did on the last challenge, checking the ball down to the safest option,  and you should have relatively little trouble passing the second challenge of the Longshot Season Finale.


Third Challenge

For the third challenge, you have to make it to your opponent's 35 yard line, but the catch is that you start off from your own 1 yard line, so taking a sack isn't an option here.


Fourth Challenge

The fourth challenge is slightly different, in that you have to score a touchdown in 1 minute, without passing the ball to Colt. 


Fifth Challenge

For the Longshot mode challenge, you have to overcome Devin's past, either forcing the ball to Colt downfield, or checking down to the receiver near you.


Sixth Challenge

For the sixth and final challenge of the Longshot Season Finale, you finally have the ability to play call for yourself, selecting the plays that you want to use in order to drive your team downfield to victory. 


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