Madden NFL 18 Reviews Of Madden Ultimate Team

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In Madden NFL 18, Franchise is the same as last year: there is a marked emphasis on RPG style progression for your players, the game highlights critical decisions throughout the season, set your goals at the beginning of the campaign, training is focused in the strengths of the next opponent previous to each day, you can play only certain parts of the party, etcetera.



The most interesting change they applied to the categories of play is, in any case, Play Now LIVE, module where all the individual parties are grouped, from the generic friendly, to the next season comparison for your favorite team - which you can access immediately - to key events or specific moments of the current campaign, with updated statistics and comments. This new menu is a success because it puts a pinch of agility on what is commonly a succession of tables and load screens.




One that did receive marked improvements was Madden Ultimate Team, the traditional envelope mode, where you create a fictional team and put it to compete against other players. In Madden NFL 18 you will find MUT Squads, a cooperative mode where teams of 3 users combine their lineups and each one directs only one of 3 facets of the game, be it the offense, the defensive or the handling of the clock. If you are in charge, you choose the plays but the 3 players control players during the entire match. This is perceived as a more or less fresh way of experiencing the mode because it demands communication and extreme coordination, either to be in the right place when sending a pass or to cover the appropriate subject when covering a rival pass.


Except for one or another anomaly, finding partners for MUT Squads was fast - most English speakers - and playing it did not demand too much effort, although at the time of changing players, the camera usually moves in a super violent mode that gets you out of tune for a moment, but the confusion goes down with practice.


Another novelty in Madden Ultimate Team is the option to accumulate experience. In the past, the only real way forward was by hoarding coins, playing games against the machine or human opponents, but this year there is also experience that allows you to level up and unlock relatively exclusive game modes, challenges, offers and envelopes, something which confers more substance to the experience but also pays for that feeling of not knowing what to do with so many forms of progression because you already have coins, tokens (explain them below), tickets and now experience. It's a little overwhelming.


In Madden NFL 18 you can also improve your players, uniforms, stadiums and coaches; ie upgrading them by collecting basic versions of them and combining them with tokens that, in turn, produces by undoing you gold and silver players to add them to the sets of their respective teams.


Parallel to all this, remain Draft Champions (now MUT Draft), where you compete against teams created by steam; the seasons Head 2 Head; ranked parties with salary limits; the auction house, and so on. MUT Champions is new but we could not prove it because it is blocked until August 28. For if it is not evident with the above lines, the Achilles heel, not only for this modality but for the complete game, is the user experience, accessibility and intuitive, something in which I delve below.




In the stadium there are 2 major improvements: the game styles are a novelty of configuration that dictates how realistic the game, going from the most fun and unrealistic in the Arcade option - where long plays and abundance are rare. handkerchiefs, going through the balanced with Simulation that is the way you have surely played all these years until you reach the demanding in Competitive. The change between these modes is notorious and plays an important role in your gaming experience and frustration. In addition to this is the Target Passing, which is a very valuable improvement for those who favor aerial play, because when you press the left trigger before the snap, it shows a holographic cursor on the field that you can move with one of the sticks to place your passes with atomic precision. This new mechanic is a bit strange at first, but the mapping of buttons becomes intuitive very soon and closes the clamp with the improvements of the terrestrial and defensive game of the last years to realize the best controls that the series has had.


That said, Madden NFL has been battling with very specific defects for several years, some of which return in 2018, starting with the annoying and prolonged load screens that are sometimes longer than certain solitary challenges of the Madden Ultimate Team; in other words, you'll spend more time watching the bar fill up than meeting some challenges, which is absurd. This theme is recurrent, but still unresolved and makes the experience rather cumbersome.


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