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The Creating guide in WildStar

wildstar creating

To craft an item, you have to have a proper Tradeskill (for schematics) and resources. Some resources may be bought from a trader next to the crafting table but other needs to be gathered.

When you have resources, you can start creating. Click on the schematics and then on "Preview" to get into crafting window.

You have to fulfill all slots with plus sign. You can distinguish here slots for item and for statistics bonus. If you have for example slot for Powercore, you need to have one in your equipment. This may be bought usually from a merchant standing nearby.

When you select all of those things notice the power bar (the orange one at the bottom). If it's not full, you can increase statistics bonus. When you exceed it, it'll increase the failure risk.


wildstar creating

Besides the standard Paths, there is also Cooking for everyone and also Rune Craft. The latter is to create Runs to improve your equipment.To create a rune, you need to find proper components. List of them is shown in the window of rune crafting when you use the crafting table. While creating runes, on right you'll see the items with free rune slots. You have to notice what type of rune you can insert to the item.For example: Water Rune cannot be insert into the Fire slot.

Regaining and tools
Some items cannot be bought and found. To get them, you have to use an option "Salvage". Each weapon and armor may be take apart on pieces for resources. It's enough to drag such a thing on an icon next to the Tradeskill bag.

Tools are necessary for collecting materials when you have Tradeskill like Mining or Relic Hunter. You can buy them from merchants nearby the crafting places. You have three tools:
Laser Pickaxe - Mining
Relic Blaster – Relic Hunter
Laser Chainsaw - Survivalist

With them you can harvest resources from the proper deposits. They are marked with a blue icon on the map.