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WildStar guide:Which path to choose for exploring in Nexus

In WildStar, besides the race and class, your character has to choose also one of four Paths, which gives you more missions. What is more, you get special skills for levels in your Path. Those Paths are:


wildstar paths

This is Path for those who likes fighting. As a Soldier you will get mostly quest of killing. Sometimes you may get a mission of murder or protect somebody. You will also save civilians from hands of cruel monsters or mercenaries.

Back Into the Fray – heals 100% HP. Only out-of-the-battle use.
Tactical Retreat – allows to take you and your team to the safety.
Combat Supply Drop – drops a box with weapon for you and allies next to you. This weapon allows to use skills like stuns etc.

Settler:This Path is dedicated for those, who like collecting resources and building new structures or helping others. In this Path you'll get quests about building new houses, finding materials. You'll also make machines providing you with buffs or even shops. All of that, of course, in specially marked places.

Settler’s Campfire – allows you to set up a fire which increases healing and maximum health for an hour.
Summon: Vendbot – creates a shop which buys everything from you for sixty seconds.
Report Home – creates portal to your house.

Scientist:This Path should be chosen by those who have time for experiments. To make it, you'll usually need your Scanbot. You can summon him by clicking on the item and use function "Scan" to examine it. Missions describe what you should examine.

You can also get a mission of finding and examining a plant or an animal. You may also search for some ancient artifacts.

Holographic Distraction – summons a clone who distracts enemies.
Summon: Group – summons a group to you.
Create Portal: Capitol City – opens portal to the capitol.

Explorer:This is Path for those who likes exploring whole map or wander around forgotten ruins and caves. In one mission you may be climbing onto the gigantic trees and in the other one fall into the cave nested by the dangerous animals. You can also get a mission to find some artifact which was hidden or lost long rime ago. You will be also drawing maps for your faction. Sometimes, Explorer plays also a spy, set up cameras and hunt down animals or people.

Explorer's Safe Fall – Damage from big falls are decreased for a given time.
Air Brakes – It stops you in the air and let you admire views and make another jump.
Translocate beacon – lets you save your current position and then teleport to it. Unavailable during PvP.