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The Fast way to leveling up in Wildstar

It is by no means easy that leveling up in wildstar.But you can follow this content, which is a completely compact leveling guide and addons details , and contains monsters for every area, and offers unlocks ready for specific race and levels. Our team suggest to study leveling advices detailed below due to the fact that them explain on what you need to concentrate during your leveling plan.

All leveling advices from this Wildstar Guide are explained in steps

1. You can level up from level 1 to level 3 in Akship map for both races (Exile or Dominion).


2. As soon as you reach level 3, for Dominion race you can go Levian Bay or Crismon Isle and exp there until level 6. Leveling to 6 will open Walatiki Temple Battleground.


3. If you are from Exile you can go from 3 to 6 to Everstar Grove or Northern Wilds. Dominions can go to Deradune and Exiles can go to Algoroc for their leveling plan from 6 to 12. At level 8 all races will get salvaging skills and at level 10 trade-skills.leveling


4. From 6-14 you can level on Map Ellevar or Celestion. At level 14 you can get your own house.


5. Leveling to 22 on Auroria for Dominions and on Galaras for Exiles will open them the ability to purchase a mount at level 15.Also when you reach level 15 you will unlock the next adventures: Hycrest Insurrection and Riot in the Void which are fully explained in our Wildstar Leveling Guide.


At level 15 you can enter the PVP Battleground Halls of the Bloodsworn. After you reach level 20 you can enter the PVE dungeons Storm Talon’s Lair and Ruins of Kel Voreth.


6. Once you make 22 you will go either as Exile or Dominion race to Whitevale and Farside map to make level 36.You will discover also PVE adventure War of the Wilds


7. By using this guide, both race will share same maps from level 35 to 44 on their Wildstar leveling adventure: Wilderrun(35-40)  and Malgrave (40-44). “The Malrgave Trail” is other PVE Adventure that you will unlock on those maps.


8. Leveling from 46 to 50 is very difficult and all Wildstar races will do it on Western Grimvault and Southern Grimvault.