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Wildstar head start Realm list of North America and Europe

Although Wildstar Open beta and Ops Week is close now, the head start is around the corner, what is it going to be PvE or PvP server? We know that the fun is going to be crazy on both types of server, or perhaps you are the type that likes roleplaying pvp or roleplaying pve, to be honest it’s quite fun to play on those servers if you have who to role play with. The server list for the head start has been released by the developers and they choose some pretty neat names for the server for the wildstart head start.

Wildstar head start Realm list names for North America:

Wildstar Head Start

Avatus – PVE server

Caretaker – PVE Server

Mirkos- PVE Server

Orias – PVE Server

Stormtalon – PVE Server

Thunderfoot – PVE Server

Pago – PVP Server

Pergo – PVP Server

Widow – PVP Server

Evindra – RP-PVE Server

Myrcalus – Oceanic PVE Server


The names are pretty sweet as it is some are the names of the dungeons you can find in game and specific lore characters. Of course the list will be much bigger after the launch and more servers will open as the game advances if they need, but they have some big servers that can load a ton of people and it probably won’t need more, atleast for the head start.

Wildstar head start realm list names for Europe:

The language and PVE servers, for Europe stands as follows:

Wildstar Head Start

Ascendancy – EN

Eko – EN

Ikthia – DE

Kazor – DE

Stormfather – FR

The PvP Realmlist for Europe Wildstar head start:

Hazak – EN

Progenitor – DE

Treespeaker – FR

The roleplay realmlist for Europe:

Lightspire – EN

Toria – DE

Triton – FR

As we see the Europe has 3 role play servers, one for each massive language in the Europe. More will come, also for Spanish and Italian but that will happen later after the launch. So, have you prepared for the Wildstar head start? You bought soda, chips, pizzas and cereals for the next 3 days to come? Because you will sure need them in order to fully profit from the head start! By the time the people who did not pre-order gets to play the game you can be level 30+ already and cut them off in the end with your megahyper awesome energy kinetic sword. The devs promised a very sweet and smooth launch of the game and they promised to keep a close eye on things and they also have the ability to add more if necessary. I already know a few people who are disappointed because there are no RP-PVP realms included in the lists but they have told us that there is not enough demand from players for those kinds of server and it would be an empty world without the needed players for a good a nice experience. It is not a final decision yet so they will probably add them to the list if there is a need for them. So there we have it cupcakes! Choose your realm wisely and talk to your friends before doing so, so you all start on the same realm because we know that fun without friends is not really fun! Enjoy the game and see you in the Wildstart head start! Cheers and see you in game cupcakes! Remember, if you need to consult our Wildstar guide feel free to do so, because Nexus is a strange and complex home and sometimes you might need some help.