Tips and Trick for being a good Engineer in WildStar

wildstar-platinum Date: May/05/14 13:46:33 Views: 301

As an Engineer in WildStar, It is very important to know how to control several bots at the same time in order to unleash their maximum powers. Plus, each bots have their own uniqueness and different ways to use. You should know the right time to different types of bots.




You should learn the right time to suit up Exo-Suit. While wearing it, you will turn into a killing or invulnerable machine according to your stance. The suit will last only 20 seconds and have 2 minutes cooldown(this number is subject to change).

In order to increase your efficiency in gameplay, you need to thoroughly understand and know the right time to use spend volatility to execute your powerful moves that spend a lot of volatilities.

So that’s the Engineer in a nutshell. We will give you more detailes once we have any more info.Enjoy yourself in WildStar!