The preview of Engineer class in WildStar

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It’s finally time to throw back the curtain on the mechanic class in WildStar, the Engineer. The Engineer is a heavy range tank class that uses do-it-yourself gadgets and bots to destroy things. It’s a pet class that doesn’t play like a pet class.


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Basically, it is put Inspector Gadget in a monster truck. Now, Engineers come packing with heavy armor, launchers, bots, an exo-suit. Bots have been added to the Engineer as they receive really good feedback from gamers. So, you can kill things while your bots kill things.

Bots can tank, DPS, CC and even heals. Every bot has an ability and you hold the trigger. Engineer is also able to use a launcher to fire out experimental projectiles called an artillery strike.

Your heavy armor not heavy enough? No problem. The Engineer has an ability to gear up the special suit like the limited edition Mark IV exo-suit. It makes you better at everything. There are several options if you want to play it either hang back in DPS mode to dish out long-range damage, or switch to tank mode to play with the damage dealing class like the esper or spellslinger and wade through the battlefield like an actual tank.

Innate Abilities:The Engineer has two innate abilities: the eradication mode and the provocation mode. In the eradication mode, assault power is enhanced by 35 percent and all resistances are reduced by 20 percent. When the eradication mode is fully activated, it enters into Exo Suit. In the Exo Suit, the Engineer dealt 136 damages to a maximum of 3 enemies every second and boosts its volatility by 25 percent in combat.

Ability Resources: Volatility is the only ability resource available to players of this game. Despite having volatility as the only ability resource, the Engineer has other key attributes like finesse, moxie, brutality, tech, grit and insight. At the start of the game, players have a volatility level of zero. While abilities such as Pulse Blast build up the volatility of a player, volatility is expended on powerful abilities like Electrocute. In addition, when the engineer is not in combat, its volatility value gradually drops. The maximum value of volatility that can be attained by the Engineer is 100.

In the Provocation Mode, threat generation rises to about 150 percent. The provocation mode also enters into the Exo Suit when activated fully. In this mode, the Engineer dealt 50 damages to about 3 of its foes every second.