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What can you do with the Mounts in WildStar

Upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar isn't just about carving out a corner of some twisted alien planet. It's about making that corner your own, decorating it to your tastes, and putting a bowl of ramen atop your giant hamster ball.The varity of mounts is a great feature that attracts many players. It allows players to travel quicker than walking but slower than a Taxi or teleporting.There are mounts include Bulldog hoverboard.There are many things u can do with the Mounts.


wildstar mount


1.You can buy riding skill and your first mount at level 15 for 10g.
2.You can buy Hoverboards at level 25 – price ~24g
3.Advanced riding skill comes at level 40 (costs around 35 gold, increases mounted speed by 15%).
4.Once you buy a mount, it goes into your inventory. Use it from there.
5.How to mount? Press Z
6.Mount button is placed at your bottom left corner. It is activated by keyboard button “Z”. There is a small arrow on this same button. You can use it to bring up a pop up menu with list of all mounts you have in your possession.
7.Summoning mount takes around 1,5-2,0 seconds. If you move during this time, it gets canceled.
8.The Hoverboard is the only mount that allows double-jump.
9.You can use Hoverboard on water.
10.The sprint key also works on your hoverboard
11.Mounts can’t be used in PVP or PVE instances