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How to Fight in WildStar sucessfully

Fight in WildStar is very dynamic and there is no time for standing and watching. I doesn't matter who you are in-game, you have to keep moving. The main ability to avoid attacks is "dodge", which can be used twice in short intervals. When you use all charges, you have to wait a bit until the bar loads. Icon of dodge is next to the health bar and represents violet circle with a number showing how many times more you can dodge. Battles aren't simple but they are very easy to learn.


wildstar fight

The main factor of every encounter is fact that most of enemies is very mobile and uses skills which show range before they are casted. Thanks to that, you can try to dodge them.

Not only dodge may save you against the monster. When monster prepares to attack, you can stun him to interrupt. You can also ask your friend to taunt the enemy, what also interrupts his current action.

Publishers made sure that every type of monsters has other range of skills, so every time you meet a new enemy, you don't know what to expect. Even if you play as a tank and can survive a lot of damage, try to avoid them if you can. Especially during boss fights you should keep him focused on you but also avoid his skills. One shot and even a half of health bar may be gone.

Monsters have varied skills. Sometimes it's fire breath and constant damage. There are also monsters who try to lock you and if you don't dodge, you get damage. Publishers made an effort to make every battle unique.

Sometimes an enemy may blind you. If it's the case, the screen goes black. What you can do best is to dodge on one of sides or stun the monster. If monster disorients you, stand still and attack him. If you want to move you'll notice that in this case movement keys changed their destination and you don't know what to press to move in the chosen direction.

Try also to hide behind big covers. If enemy aims at you with a skill when you're hiding, you shouldn't get damage, as the cover will stop it.Some monsters are also aggressive towards other NPCs. If you have a problem with any boss or monster, you can lead him to creatures which are hostile to it. They will help you with ease.

Mobility is a key to the success, even if the fight may take five minutes.