WildStar Dungeons sharing tips

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Wildstar will have lots of instanced 5 man dungeon content and some of them will be available in veteran mode. Veteran mode will be more difficult and will only be available at max level.Outside of getting loot from each boss you will be able to get different medals (Gold,silver,bronze) for completing the dungeon well and you will earn additional rewards.


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During the dungeon you will pick up public events. Public events are quests for you to complete while in the dungeon. You will also get optional public events and even challenges while in dungeons. The optional objectives are randomly selected every time you a dungeon.

Dungeons will have trash mobs, known as “base pop” (base population). They are aiming at base pop to take up 10-15 min between boss fights, and will be more interesting to fight than traditional trash mobs.There will be random changes happening to the dungeons to keep them fresh. This could be that during a period of time certain abilities could be tweaked or changed; bosses could be switched around to a different order or even a new boss being available.

There is likely to be a group system based on voting, where people vote on which path to take in the dungeon. The conditions will change everytime so that it is not always the same optimal path.Carbine is aiming at dungeons to take about 1 hour to complete.

There are currently three dungeons that have been revealed.
1.Stormtalon’s Lair
2.Ruins of Kel Vorath
5.Sanctum of the Swordmaiden