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Wildstar Guide:Crimson Badlands Dailies

At 49 a player will receive a quest to begin dailies within their respective capital. The quest will ask you to seek out an NPC that will secure transport to Crimson Badlands (you are able to use this going forward as well.) These quests will reward Elder Gems as well as killing mobs will grant Elder Points, a player can obtain roughly 20 Elder Gems per day this way. Many players use the strategy of capping their Elder Gems (cap is 140/week) on Tuesday and then receiving gold for all their dailies afterwards.

To check the status of how many elder Points and Gems you have earned for the week simply mouse over the bar and it will show your percentage for the week.


Wildstar EPBar


This is the Dominion location for the NPC you will be looking for and who will secure your transport to the area everyday:


Wildstar locationdailies


Quick Note: Challenges
Challenges are super important especially in the top tier zones, looking for a special amp? Amps drop in Scavenged Loot Bags! Additionally crafting supply bags and housing chests are nothing to sneeze at. To get to your Challenges Log simply press the bottom left hand button and type ‘challenges’ which will pop up a window and provide options to Start, Abandon, Locate and Loot Rewards.


wildstar challenges


Tips & Feedback
I have a Dailies partner, we have found it much easier to do them with others. Additionally we always take turns doing the Challenges this way one person is always completing the dailies and we are not fighting over the Challenge nodes (unless it’s just killing.) If someone in your group starts a challenge, it should start for all eligible party members (make sure you looted your last one and are in the correct area.)

These quests do not change per day, however Carbine will be introducing more quest zones which will offset the monotony. Personally I enjoy the small condensed area and with a partner or group these dailies go by very fast!