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WildStar Medic Guides: Become an Immortal and Helpful Class

After many years' experiences in locked pattern MMORPG, the lock-free and AOE damage model in WildStar seems a little unusual to us. If you want to catch up with the game as well as being using in the team, you can choose the class Medic.

This is a WildStar Medic Build in former Battlegrounds. 


wildstar medic skills


We are here today to discuss the skill 4 and skill 5 in this build.


Wildstar Quantum Cascade


Quantum Cascade
Quantum Cascade needs actuator which can be provided by skill R, skill 1 and skill 3. So notice the rhythm when you are using it. This skill has no cool down, and in our former games, it maybe the only skills with a relatively high damage.


Wildstar Dual shock


Dual shock
Dual Shock is quite an amazing skill in my eyes. It can be used when we casting critical damage or heal critical damage and the damage and the treatment are both high.

AMPs is focued on increasing defence and critical damage.


wildstar amps medic battlegound