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WildStar Guide:Medic Healer Tier Point Analysis

LAS selection and Ability tiering are the first steps in tuning our Medic to best handle certain kinds of content or our preferred playstyle. In this post I will look at how Medic Support Abilities stack up against one another and try to value the different places to put your precious 41 Tier points.



Abilities at Base
Efficiency is how much healing you get for every point of precious Focus spent, measured by HPF = Healing Per Focus, the second column in the table below. Another Focus-focus measure is the third column, FPS = Focus Per Second, which measures your rate of Focus burn from casting the ability on cooldown.

Oomph is a measure of how much healing a single cast of the ability does on each target, and is represented by the last column: AHPT = Average Heal Per Target. Note these values are averages over crits and non-crits, so will not match any tooltip values (which only show the non-crit amounts).

For those of you who like pictures, the graph below summarizes a lot of this post by plotting the SusHPS of each ability as a function of tier.