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What are WildStar's Battlegrounds

WildStar offers a range of battlegrounds from as early as level 6. You can also level up while slaughtering the opposing faction allowing those that adore PVP to never leave.


wildsatr battleground


Walatiki Temple - Capture the flag With a Twist
The temple is a 10 vs 10 battleground available from level 6, both factions spawn within the cliffs on opposite sides of this intimate map. The objective of the temple is to obtain 5 moodie masks in a capture the flag style match with a twist. A mask is never safe! After a mask is captured the opposing faction can steal the mask back. This means that as well as zerging to get the spawned mask there must be defenders in your mask room keeping a watchful eye on the masks you have already obtained. When in the temple one must always be prepared for a drastic change in score, the table perpetually turns in this delightful paradise

Technical Info
If player drops a neutral mask (one that has not yet been successfully delivered to a team’s base), then players have 30 seconds to grab the mask before it spawns again at the center of the map.

If a player drops a mask stolen from the opposition’s base, then the mask will be returned to that base after 30 seconds. The opposing team can also send the mask back sooner if they are near it.When a mask is successfully brought to a team’s room a new mask will spawn in the center.

Halls of the Bloodsworn - A Race Against The Clock
Quite simply “The Halls” is a battleground consisting of three rooms, the team which clears all three rooms the fastest wins.More information to be seen later.