Wildstar Guides:Snapshootting Will Be Removed In the Next Challenge

wildstar-platinum Date: Jun/19/14 14:15:23 Views: 291

GGG recently release a video that snapshotting will be removed at the start of the next challenge. Players can benefit a lot from the changes. First of all, you may have a look at the video.

According to the latest news, auras, curses, summoning, trap and totems, most of skills will be updated. In fact, I think most skills can not be used together. You can use them one or two at a time except that you use the completely irrelative skills at a time.

After updated, I do not mean that you can not summon big zombies, using 11 auras and righteous fire. I mean you should pick up one or two of them.

With the coming of the new update, a lot of bugs will be fixed, such as

1. The damage of Righteous Fire is approximately reaching the maximum. Besides, you can gain IQIR gems when you use RF.
2. Big zombies swap +double small zombies, tabula rose stealing sockets, swapping summoning staff, multiple curses
3. Regret orbs to remove aura points.

Although we can gain a great amount of benefits from the bugs, they are bugs. They will be fixed sooner or later.