Wildstar Medic Guides

wildstar-platinum Date: Jun/20/14 10:37:25 Views: 389

The Medic is an exceptional class and one that is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage while still healing its party members. During the early levels they’re harder to level than the likes of the Esper or Spellslinger, but once you reach level 15 they sky rocket in power and potential. Their area of effect healing and close quarter combat make them challenging to play as but very powerful if in the right hands. Although they get focus fired quite easily in PvP they can survive for long periods due to several and very handy escape skills.


ws Medic

Large area of effect attacks and heals
Powerful group healing
Has some useful mobility skills to get in and out of combat
Wears medium armor so isn’t as squishy as the Esper or Spellslinger

Often focus fired in PvP due to their healing and damage potential
Relies entirely on building Actuators to use your skills
Needs to be in the the thick of combat to be effective
Has no viable ranged attack options