Wildstar Update Notes: Class Balancing, Bug Fixes and More

wildstar-platinum Date: Jul/16/14 10:36:30 Views: 261

A new update patch hit the client overnight bringing more bug fixes, class balancing/adjustments and more. If you want to know what wasn't fixed, just read the first few comments on the official forums - they always let us know!


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The flickering water effects seen by some users using NVIDIA graphics cards has been fixed.

Samu-Samu Blood Shamans no longer heal enemies, or the Giant Skeech Totem with ‘Blood Channel’.

Many items that some Players reported as missing, should automatically be mailed back to their owners upon login.

Elemental Life Drain
Will no longer trigger more than 5 times every 1 second.
Previously, the value was calculated as if it were a heal, with no damage component. This has been fixed, and the values adjusted, based on it being a life drain. New values shown below:
Tier 1 - 32 life drain per hit, down from 73.
Tier 2 - 63 life drain per hit, down from 143.
Tier 3 - 96 life drain per hit, down from 218.
Tier 4 - 129 life drain per hit, down from 293.
Tier 5 - 176 life drain per hit, down from 433.
Tier 6 - 203 life drain per hit, down from 556."
Flux Hoverboards purchased from a designated mount vendor can now be sold back to vendors (for a fraction of the price).
Housing and Renown Flasks no longer generate threat when used.
Equipping an item that is "Soulbound on Equip" will prompt the player before equipping the item.
Item Specials
Capacity Tier 5 no longer grants an additional 50% shield capacity on top of the intended 2.3k.
‘Slow it Down’ should no longer stack multiple times on a single player.